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Despite her enormous wingspan and imposing size, Voltur is nothing short of a master of stealth and guile. She shrouds herself in a carpet of thick smog of combustion fumes, which she expels from pipes running down her reinforced beak. Her tesla coils producing a vicious and unrelenting rhythm of electrical surges through the clouds around her. To an unwary victim, her presence would be mistaken for a foggy thunderstorm moving unusually swiftly across the sky. But those unfortunate enough to have learned otherwise rarely live to tell about it.

Her exoskeletal frame was originally designed to harness and control the beast, her architects envisioned her to be a revolutionary means of scouting the presence atop the floating islands of Veren, in preparation for their exodus for conquest. She fulfilled her purpose… for a time.

*Exclusive: Season 2

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Deadly Strikes

The beast fires a high powered, focused strike at a target. Keep tapping to attack. Consumes stamina.

Conductive (passive)

(Passive) The beast will gain some mana each time it takes damage. The beast will also gain some HP every time it destroys a tower.

Dark Lightning

Damages towers in the target area and prevents them from being able to use megashot.


The beast overloads its energy coils, making it temporarily invincible and increasing the rate at which rogue energy is recovered. The beast will also gain some bonus mana when this spell is cast.


Regeneration restores health to the beast over time.